About Sodiplan

Since its inception, SODIPLAN has developed a significant expertise in the field of digital cartography and more particularly in the development of Geographic Information System.teaching

With an experience of 8 years, SODIPLAN master the three main components of the design of a GIS :

    • capture and update information (graphic and alphanumeric) basis
    • processing and organizing information
  • presenting and using information

The S.I.G. developed by SODIPLAN may be of interest to many industries such as government, telecommunications operators, network managers and real estate, etc.

Among the almost infinite sectors of activities likely to integrate their data into a GIS, infrastructure management, property management and geomarketing have already SODIPLAN specialties.

logoMany solutions developed by SODIPLAN have methodological approaches studied with solid partners in fields such as photogrammetry, topography, electronic document management, positioning satellites, aerial photography and remote sensing.